Lucky Beaches: Mixtape Monday Sun-kissed Californication

Posted on 2 July 2012
By Lucky Beaches
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Postcard from Lucky Beaches in the Everglades, FLA:

“So glad you’s are digging the new EP, just finishing up the music vid for System Overload now..

I have seen a few gators now but I haven’t swam with any! Haven’t snapped any pics yet of any but I will, legend has it there’s a huge one that ‘eats all the fish’ in the lake behind us.. haha

I’m not sure when I’m back as I’m putting in for my extended stay, I’m really enjoying it here.. peaceful!

Hope everything is good your way, anything cool going on?


Lucky Beaches Mix-tape Monday:
1. ‘The Basement Tapes’ [Artist:Bob Dylan & The Band] (1975)
2. ‘The Age Of Candy Candy’ [Artist:Smackos] (2004)
3. ‘Snippets & Rare Shit’ [Artist:Lil Wayne] (2009)
4. ‘Ethio Jams Vol. 1 & 2’ compiled by [Artist:Mozambique Courier] –
5. ‘Cupid & Psyche’ by [Artist:Scritti Politti] (1985)
6. ‘Memoirs Of The Poor & Shameless’ [Artist:The_Myst] (coming soon/Girl Records)