Louis Brennan releases video for new album

Posted on 6 March 2018
By Natalie Barlow
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Described by GQ to have ‘a voice like rolling thunder’, upcoming Dublin born folk star Louis Brennan has unveiled the hauntingly good video for his latest single ‘Airport Hotel’ taken from forthcoming debut album, Dead Capital.

Premiered with Clash who said “Brooding of voice and intense of lyric, his ability to twist and turn a simple phrase can render the most innocent line into something utterly heartbreaking”., this video tells the story of passion and lust between two male lovers through its atmospheric and spine tingling visualisation. The song itself is a poignant ballad surrounding a passionate encounter accompanied with folk guitar and a beautifully emotional tone from Brennan. Compared to have a sound like Johnny Cash and Conor Oberst, his lyrical artistry is second to none, “…there’s nothing left to say, just the sound of your voice / I say I’ll never leave her, as if I had a choice”.

His lyrics don’t only provide a beautiful song and his video doesn’t just provide an atheistically pleasing visual, ‘Airport Hotel’ emphasises the cold reality of the secrecy and guilt in the narrative which ultimately reflects the force of a loveless marriage. If you’re into bittersweet and rich with emotion songs then Brennan’s debut album is released on February 23rd.