Lost Like Lions – The Devil That You Know EP Review

Posted on 1 June 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Following their 2019 EP Navigate, and their recently released single Enemies, Lost Like Lions are about to release their new EP, The Devil That You Know. This is the first EP to be recorded by all four band members, following the bands front man, Derrik, and guitarist, Jamie, recording Navigate as a duo, after their previous band split up. Don’t let that fool you into thinking there are any fractures in this band though.

Strength is the key feature of Lost Like Lions’ music, with vocals that rise from a soft gravel, seamlessly to a full belt, melodic riffs that morph into meaty chords, and the most energetic, perfectly placed drum fills, every song on this EP, is as strong as the last.

The first track, Something Else, is instantly catchy. With lyrics that are clever, without being conceited, and simple enough to have you singing along to the chorus, within your first listen, without being boring, this is a song that will get stuck in your head, in the best kind of way. Something Else really sets up high hope for the following tracks, and expectations are fully met.

Run Away follows with a hypnotic riff, added reverb, and echo, used on parts of the vocals, adds to the floaty, emotional response this song evokes. For such a short EP, at just three songs, Lost Like Lions have found the perfect mixture of each song being different enough to be interesting, and unique to the other tracks, while carrying their very distinct, and well developed musical style.

Citing Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sugarcult, as influences, these are clear in their genre choice of pop rock, but they’ve truly succeeded at taking their inspirations, and twisting it into something entirely unique. They’re a breath of fresh air, and originality, in a heavily saturated market, that can often feel stale. They as a band, and The Devil That You Know as an EP, both feel sincere, genuine, and honest, in a way a lot of bands just can’t achieve. Its not something a band can try to be, they just are, or are not.

The Devil That You Know is beautifully written, any one of these songs could have worked perfectly as a single, there isn’t a weak track in sight. It’s perfectly produced and mixed, there are some gorgeous vocal harmonies, the guitars really drive each song to a high point, that never lets you down, and not for one second do you ever feel short changed with where they take you.

Every element of this EP feels like it has been thought about, and cared about, and it has definitely been worth it for Lost Like Lions. Engaging, emotional, and memorable, this is a true five star listen.

You can listen to it from June 12th on Spotify and SoundCloud.