Liverpool Music Week: Miles Kane interview

Posted on 10 November 2010
By Ash Williams
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Purple Revolver chatted with Miles Kane recently ahead of his Liverpool Music Week show in Mojo, and the former Rascal admitted if the technology was there, he wouldn’t mind being turned into Spider Man to shut up some fools with his web of justice.

Purple Revolver: Hello Miles, how are you today?
Miles: I’m alright man, Purple Revolver have put a smile on my face got to say.

Purple Revolver: Its Liverpool Music Week and you are playing a free gig at Mojo on Thursday, you looking forward to it?
Miles: Yeah, I can’t wait, played my first gig in Stoke last night which was really really good. So yeah, I am feeling strong, confident, and it is all sounding great. Just up for playing Liverpool now, it’s been too long.

Purple Revolver: When was the last time you played here?
Miles: It was about a year half ago for Sound City at the Uni, just want to show off the new songs now really, I’m buzzing off them.

Purple Revolver: Got anything special lined up for the LMW show?
Miles: Just some great rock and roll that’s it, just going to ave it! Playing with The Bicycle Thieves and a few other mates so it should be a heavy one.

Purple Revolver: Going solo must have been a shock to the system, how are you enjoying being on your own?
Miles: Erm, I’ve had some time to adapt to it now, at first it was daunting standing on stage alone. I mean with the Puppets I had my best mate next to me and with the Rascals I had my band to support me. I’ve made a great album and that is all I wanted to do, its been a journey.

Purple Revolver: The tour should be good?
Miles: Yeah, just these dates this week, want to ease myself back into it slowly.

Purple Revolver: Going off on a tangent here. Scientists have cloned animals in the past, in the future, this technology could be used to develop human clones. If you could clone yourself, what kind of mischief would you get up to with another you?
Miles: I think I’m doing all that now really, I don’t know. Mischief… Hopefully, if they develop the technology a bit further, they could turn me into Spider Man. I would love to be like him shooting webs around and shutting people up with a fat web!

Purple Revolver: Christmas is fast around the corner… What is the worst present you have ever been given?
Miles: I don’t know really, my mother has always been quite on it.

Purple Revolver: Any friends, band members?
Miles: (Laughing) A pair of socks with the toes in actually, I got given a pair but I’ve never worn them. Don’t know where they come from, yeah them socks you put your toes in. I think I’ve still got them in my draw, I will wear them for the Mojo gig with no boots (Laughing).

Purple Revolver: Best and worst Christmas song off the top of your head?
Miles: Best Christmas song has to be that Slade one “Hang your stockings on the wall” (singing), I’ve forgotten what its called.

Purple Revolver: Worst?
Miles: Let’s see… That Darkness one, I don’t want to rip into him, I feel sorry for Justin Hawkins he doesn’t deserve a ripping. I cant think of a worse song… Maybe that Cliff Richard one Mistletoe and wine. He looks boss Cliff though, seen him on the one show and he looks well (Laughing) for his age.

Purple Revolver: Who were your influence and idols when you was growing up?
Miles: Liam and Noel [Gallagher], John Lennon, Bowie, Jeff Beck. The usual suspects.

Purple Revolver: If you could make a super band and add one artist dead or alive, who would it be?
Miles: John Lennon definitely.

Purple Revolver: Think that should be time then Miles, thanks for that.
Miles: There you go man.

Purple Revolver: Enjoy the rest of your day.
Miles: And you fella!

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