Lexxi Raine – Guilty – Album Review

Posted on 9 June 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Following Fun While It Lasted, Lexxi Raine is back with a new album, and this time she’s gone country! Ready for release June 20th, with a video on its way before that on the 13th, Guilty is an album filled with claps back at those who have done her wrong, be it a jealous girl, old flame, or even herself.

Kicking off with I Don’t Want Your Man, we can immediately hear the progress Lexxi has made as a musician. Although we’ve heard the strength in her voice in her previous projects, this time we get to experience it with a bitter sweet twang, haunting backing vocals, and sliding vocals that you can feel through your body.

Guilty continues to drive the album in a direction entirely unexpected from Lexxi. She maintains all her rock edge, while capturing the soul and heartbreak we’re used to in the country scene. With building drums, and lyrics that almost let you see the smirk on her face, Guilty is the perfect ‘screw you’ song. Even more so with All I’m Asking, we’re given a beat we can dance to, with lyrics that are touching, relatable, and clearly come from a very honest place.

The perfect country-rock break-up album moves to You Weren’t Even Worth The Title next. Sitting somewhere between Taylor Swift, and Stevie Nicks, with just a sprinkling of Carrie Underwood, its like listening to a song you heard forever ago, and adored, but could never find again. It leads beautifully to Wont Make It Til I Do, the final song on the album.

This song is more reserved that the others, making it perfect to tie off the album. It’s the feel of resignation, when you know something just isn’t working out, and the chorus is one you wish you could sing along to straight away. With tear jerking vocal melodies, and harmonies so perfect you more feel than hear them, this song is one you don’t want to end, especially because it’s the last on the album.

As always Lexxi Raine has blown us out of the water, with an album you can tell has had focus, and attention, paid to every minuscule detail. Her vocals are the best they’ve ever been, and she plays with harmonies in a way that’s totally unexpected, but perfect for each song. It’s clear that each song is about a real person or event in Lexxi’s life, making it a relatable, and oftentimes emotional, album.

With a track list full of catchy, pop-punk meets country songs, Lexxi Raine is sure to be a guilty pleasure we can all enjoy this summer.