Last Dinosaurs In A Million Years interview

Posted on 19 May 2012
By Amber Tan
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Purple Revolver interviewed frontman and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey of Australian indie quartet Last Dinosaurs, on his flying visit where he played Sound City, Liverpool.

What’s your favourite dinosaur?
T-Rex because he’s the biggest and most ferocious, but apparently he had feathers too.

What music are you listening to right now?
Twin Sister, chill-wave is on heavy rotation at the minute and I’ve been on the Panda Bear tip for about two years as I’m into the loops and sounds and the way they create a weird playback. I listen to Panda Bear on a loop ’til I drop off to sleep. It’s sonically perfect. And Person (Peach), their second album is the best, it takes you to another place.

Who is your favourite superhero?
Batman – when Christian Bale played him, after American Psycho. Speaking of Christian Bale, they gave us some cool business card holders at the hotel we stayed in. (Sean produces a chrome business card holder)

If you were a superhero what would your power be?
To write better songs then everything would be better. Therapy is creating any form of art, I learned that from an early age. That’s why I’m a musician. Song-writing is like therapy to me. I have a family history of depression and I also saw my family members do some amazing stuff. The best therapy is making music, there are no boundaries, you don’t need technical skill, just ‘grab’ a piano or draw.

How do you listen to music?
I always listen to albums as a whole, instead of songs and I’d rather people judge me on the music or the melody rather than judge me on the lyrics, they come second, I find it extremely hard to write lyrics. It’s more genuine to write lyrics and melodies separately, not to team them up.

What your memories of 1994?
I was just four years old, but the memory that sticks in my mind is of falling off the balcony, lying on the ground and being picked up by a paramedic and weeing on him. I also remember getting splinters in my fingers from playing in the cubby house (playhouse).

What are you working on right now?
I’ve just finished recording and producing for the Dune Rats! band, they’re all for the 90s with low-slung guitars.