Kanye West – Monster official video finally released – watch here

Posted on 5 June 2011
By Matt Barden
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Last December an un-edited version of Monster found it’s way on to the world wide web, but now the final cut has finally emerged.

Rumours are rife that MTV have already banned the video and there’s a chance that the haunted house themed video may never make it onto television due to it’s horror content.

Joined by mentor Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Rick Ross and Niki Minaj, Monster opens with scantily clad models hanging from noose-chains and proceeds to give us an implied threesome between Mr west and two, again scantily clad, model corpses.

Dead bodies and monsters eating corpses run through the star studded video, which, despite all the criticism, is very nicely shot. Kanye has already defended the final cut insisting that, ‘It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.’

Check out the video box and tell us what you think, creepy chic or just creepy?