Jack White – Blunderbuss only recorded after RZA cancelled Third Man session

Posted on 15 April 2012
By Pierce King
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Jack White has revealed that his highly anticipated release Blunderbuss was brought about by the RZA after the Wu Tang chief couldn’t make a Third Man Blue Series recording session.

The Detroit rock legend said that he stepped in to do some of his material with the hired session players and never sat down with a conscious mind to produce a solo album.

The former upholsterer-turned musician said that after the RZA cancelled the two-week recording session, he had soon completed five songs and the list continued to grow.

Jack, 36, recalled: “RZA was supposed to come down and do a 45 for (Third Man’s) Blue Series and he had to cancel so we had those session musicians there and nothing to do.

“So I said: ‘Well, I guess we’ll do something of mine.’ That started the ball rolling and pretty soon, after a couple of weeks, I had four or five songs and just kept going…

“The only other album I did like this was the second White Stripes record, De Stijl, because we recorded that at home.

“I recorded this in my studio and recorded this whenever I felt like it. I didn’t do it in a two-week block like I usually do with all the other albums because I didn’t have any intention that I was making an album. I was just recording songs of mine.”