Is Tropical The Greeks – music video

Posted on 30 May 2011
By Purple Revolver
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Is Tropical unleash their ultra-violent music video The Greeks, which takes Manga comic book violence to the streets of white middle class suburbia.

The band described the collaboration with Megaforce: “After a couple months of teasing us with clips, screen-tests and storyboards, legendary video interlopers Megaforce have finished their video treatment for our new single, The Greeks.

“Filmed in a sleepy French suburb,starring a group of the coolest kids in the cul-de-sac, The Greeks’ video reflects the song — it’s about everything, and kinda nothing, and being young, or something.”

Is Tropical explained MEGAFORCE’s concept of the violent Manga-inspired music video: “Part Rumblefish, part Die Hard, part Akira, we wanted to work together to create something both visually appealing and aesthetically relevant to the band.

Is Tropical said: “It isn’t a shocking rebuke to our drama queen, populist news culture either – just naive, blissful shoot-your-mate until he’s definitely dead war-games -the way you wish it still could be”.