Introducing: Eight Legs

Posted on 1 September 2009
By Purple Revolver
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Eight Legs are a new pop-punk force to be reckoned with, currently sitting at no. 5 in the UK indie charts and feted by Radio 1 and XFM.

Their track ‘These Grey Days’ features on the ‘Boys Night Out’ anti-binge drinking advert. It’s been championed by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and Colin Murray.

Eight Legs set up their own label Boot Legs, proudly established by cash earned from their European success.

The band are in the studio recording ‘The Electric Kool-Aid Cuckoo Nest’, their debut album set for release early next year.

‘I Understand’ is the first single to be released on Monday 5 October. Described as ‘a whirling dervish of a track where psychedelic sound and a massive, building chorus collide, while giving a playful nod to the most celebratory of early ‘90’s dancefloor baggy.’

The B-side ‘Stay Cool’ features beaten down guitar rifts and thrusting drumming race beside the passion-fuelled, shouty chorus of “stay cool, stay cool.”

Eight Legs has dipped its toes into fashion too, and were handpicked by creative director Heidi Slimane to soundtrack Dior Homme’s Paris fashion show in 2006.

shines as bright as the single proper.
Eight Legs play London’s 100 Club on Wednesday 23 September (on-stage 8pm)

“I Understand” video: