Howie Payne premieres remix of The Stands’ Some Weekend Night, featuring Noel Gallagher on lead guitar (Listen)

Posted on 8 May 2017
By Khyle Deen
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A remix of The Stands’ single Some Weekend Night, has premiered courtesy of former band member Howie Payne. The track is originally from their 2004 debut album titled all Years Leaving, which features lead by guitar by Noel Gallagher.

“We recorded it at Olympic & Wheeler End, Oasis’ place, with Noel and Gem,” says Howie, who formed The Stands in Liverpool in 2002. “Noel played a killer solo on it, a really heavy, vicious thing… stunning! Somehow, for some reason long forgotten, it got lost in the mix on the record, and the first half never even made it on at all, so I’m properly happy to be able to fix that on this version. I played him the new remix version the other day and he was well into it.”

“’Some Weekend Night’ was always one of my favourite tunes, the main riff is just dynamite. The Coral guys once told me they used it as the inspiration for riff on their tune ‘The Sorrow or The Song’ which is a very cool song, and not being short of killer riffs themselves anyway, was a big compliment.”

Stream Some Weekend Night (remix) here:

Pre-order The Stands Recordings 2003 – 2005 here

Formed in Liverpool in 2002, The Stands were essentially a solo project for Howie Payne, who’d recently left his role as lead guitarist in Edgar Jones’s Big Kids. The Stands’ rise was fast; their original four-track demo found its way to Noel Gallagher, who was impressed enough to seek out Howie’s number.

“The next day, there’s this message for me,” Howie remembers. “Like, ‘Hello, it’s Noel Gallagher here: I’ve heard your stuff, it’s great. I want you to come and play with us. Anyway, give us a call back. I hope I haven’t freaked you out.”

The Stands became regulars at Liverpool’s Bandwagon night throughout summer 2002, were featured in The Guardian, GQ and appeared on ITV’s This Is Music, toured with The Coral in September & supported Oasis at the Royal Court in their hometown that December, then again at the NIA in Birmingham the same week. That, plus a few mentions by Noel in the press, supercharged interest in the band, to the point where The Stands suddenly had major labels coming up to “take us out to Pizza Express to buy us doughballs” and trying to sign them. At this point, though, all Howie was interested in was getting out and playing shows – The Stands played over 250 gigs in 2003 alone.

“My philosophy was: we’ll play whenever, wherever,” Howie says. “We played some barn on a farm. We played a rave once, like a 24-hour rave, with DJs on all night, and us on at 11 o’clock in the morning. We toured with Jet. The Libertines. Paul Weller. Oasis. Gomez. Shack. The Coral and loads more. We did all of this in nine months. The band was really amazing at that point, so it just felt like the thing to do.”

Eventually signing to Echo Records, The Stands released their acclaimed debut album ‘All Years Leaving’ in 2004, which contained three Top 40 singles ‘Here She Comes Again’, ‘When This River Rolls Over You’ and ‘I Need You’.

The second album, the brilliant ‘Horse Fabulous’, was cut soon after in LA. A change of lineup happened, resulting in an even more powerful live show. The gigs were getting bigger and better, the reviews were great. The Stands were on their way to their highest slot on a festival set, on top of the world, when they got a call saying their label was being shut down, the week before ‘Horse…’ was due to be shipped into shops.

The second album did well under the circumstances, but soon it was too disheartening to carry on and Howie split The Stands in November 2005. With the release of The Stands Recordings 2003 – 2005, the time has now come to celebrate this most special of Liverpool bands.

‘Some Weekend Night (Remix)’ is taken from ‘The Stands Recordings 2003-2005’, a collection of 3 vinyl LPs released June 23rd on Full Stack Recordings. The first two records feature alternate, rare, original, remixed and unreleased versions of tracks spanning 2003 – 2005, while the third features a whole host of Howie Payne’s unreleased demos.

Curated and remixed by Howie, the LPs are remastered and presented on coloured, heavyweight vinyl with new sleeve notes, which detail the incredible journey of The Stands.


THE STANDS 2003-2004
Side A:
1. She Speaks Of The Things (Remix)
2. It’s Only Everything (Remix)
3. Outside Your Door (Remix)
4. Always Is The Same/Shine On (Remix)
5. The Way She Does (Remix)
Side B:
1. Here She Comes Again (Remix)
2. In So Many Ways (Remix)
3. I Need You (Remix)
4. Some Weekend Night (Remix)
5. All Years Leaving (Olympic Take Remix)

THE STANDS 2004-2005
Side A:
1. Do It Like You Like
2. I Will Journey Home (Remix)
3. When The Night Falls In
4. Back To You (Remix)
5. Nearer Than Green
Side B:
1. Come Out From In (Outtake Remix)
2. Soon Come
3. A Season To Be Loved (Remix)
4. Mountains Blue
5. You Said (Remix)

Side A:
1. It Takes A While (Acoustic Demo)
2. Always Is The Same (Acoustic Demo)
3. The Way She Does (Acoustic Demo)
4. It’s Only Everything (Acoustic Demo)
5. Always I’ll Love You (Acoustic Demo)
Side B:
1. Here She Comes Again (Acoustic Demo)
2. How You Seem To Be (Acoustic Demo)
3. When The Night Falls In (Acoustic Demo)
4. Back To You (Acoustic Demo)
5. You Said (Acoustic Demo)