High Rankin & Tigerlight release Day To Die single

Posted on 8 August 2012
By Jo Ching
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High Rankin & Tigerlight released their brand new EP Breaking Hearts and Minds on August 3rd on Suicide Dub Records and have release heavy hitter Day To Die as a free download this week.

The most outspoken moustached producer in British dance music unleashes single Day To Die.

High Rankin celebrated being #1 in Hype Machine last week, his regular podcast is high up the i-Tunes chart and has 67,000 devoted followers on Facebook.

Day to Die is three and a half minutes of bass-filled escape and impact, which sounds like a re-imagined Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan – Silence [Tiesto Remix] for the dub-step generation, addressing perhaps the final taboo, ‘death’.

High Rankin and Tigerlight decided to put the fear of that moment into their video for the track in a claustrophobic three and half minute format piece. The feeling of impending doom lies heavy and the scenes of brutality and beating are by no means anyone’s idea of fun.

High Rankin and Tigerlight put the video together in four days from story concept to filming, hiring extras, location scouting, prop buying and film crew assembling and it was shot in one rainy, Berlin Friday. The camera-work was done by Mark Hunt and Finnish Film maker Kaj Holmberg. It was edited by British film-maker Mark Hunt who runs Remise Berlin, based in Berlin.

It was shot in East Berlin where both High Rankin and Tigerlight’s music studios are situated in a musicians’ ‘refuge’ which houses about 50 self-contained studios hired out by various electronic artists from Berlin and around the world. The studios are directly above a club called Subland. High Rankin’s studio is still in renovation so it seemed like the perfect location for the beating scenes.

The bitter-sweet melody of the vocal hook is juxtaposed by the uncomfortable lyrics and the concept of the video is simple but hard-hitting and to the point.