Ganglians release link to new demo My House

Posted on 18 August 2010
By Norman Parker
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Sacramento’s Ganglians have released a link to their new demo track My House today. The band have also been added to the support slot for Jenny and Johnny (aka Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice) for two California shows.

The band’s sound falls somewhere between the noise-pop of bands like Wavves and Woods and the blissed-out psychedelia of the Beach Boys.

Ganglians obscure name came from a cross of the words “gang” and “aliens,” not the term referring to an external bundle of nerves.

The Sacramento lads spent much of 2008 recording, and their debut single, a limited-edition split 7″ with Eat Skull, appeared in January 2009 on Dulc-i-Tone Records.

The band’s tours and releases came quickly after that, with an appearance at that year’s South by Southwest festival that March and a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Monster Head Room, arriving within weeks of each in May on the hip lo-fi label Woodsist.

Where Ganglians was abrasive and self-recorded, Monster Head Room found the band working with an engineer friend who helped them get a cleaner sound that was innocent and trippy at the same time.

The band spent the summer playing shows, including a set at the Smmr Bmmr festival in Portland, and closed out the year with a 7″ on Captured Tracks in October.

Listen to My House here:

Tour dates read as folows: