Friendly Fires, Pala, created by hermit Ed Macfarlane

Posted on 28 March 2011
By Rick Shaw
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Friendly Fires’s long awaited second album is set for release next month and Ed Macfarlane has told how he had to become a hermit to grind out the material.

Frontman Ed confirmed that the title of the record is ‘Pala’ and songs recorded by producers Paul Epworth and Andrew Weatherall are under consideration for inclusion.

Macfarlane wrote the album, named after an Aldous Huxley novel, over a month locked away in a remote cottage in northern France.

Ed said: “I just kept working, all day and into the night.

“We didn’t want to be lazy. We wanted the starting point to every song to be interesting.

“There’s no point just jamming in the garage, finding a nice riff and going that will do.

“After three weeks I was getting cabin fever but I had to focus, because the songs needed to get written. Did I feel under pressure from the rest of the band? Yeah, just a bit.”

Macfarlene is also pleased that DFA’s Holy Ghost, namely Alex Frankel appears on the record. Boo!