Foo Fighters drop new documentary Times Like Those

Posted on 23 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Proving that absolutely nothing can hold these guys back, the Foo Fighters have released a new documentary titled Times Like Those.

The 26 minute long look back, beginning with a Star Wars parody intro, features the band sat together with popcorn in a small home cinema, looking through pictures on a projector from the last 25 years of the bands existence.

An explanation is provided in text on the intro, that the short feature is inspired by the time spent in ‘the great pause’ looking back and reflecting on the past, joined with this year marking the bands 25th anniversary.

Directed again by Dave Grohl himself, it has a similar feel to Sonic Highways. There’s a certain VHS nostalgia feel to it, a great vibe to have for a commemorative trip down memory lane.

With so many of the groups planned celebrations having been cancelled due to the pandemic, its a great treat for fans to have a new release like this.

Talking about their bad fashion choices, fallings out, and other misadventures they’ve experienced together, its refreshing to see a rock band so prepared to laugh at themselves, and a band who seem to have such genuine friendships.

They’ve included plenty of stories from behind the scenes at gigs too, giving fans a further insight and connection to the time they’ve been able to see the band live.

For long term fans of the band there are plenty of never before heard stories, bad banter, and some great retellings of stories we’ve already heard.

We even have a little band drama, though it’s good natured as always, joking about the time Pat left the band.

The 25 year special is the perfect way to appreciate and look back on the years spent making music, entertaining fans, and goofing off together around the globe.

Yet another album from the band is also scheduled for release on February 5th 2021.