Fonetiks @ Chemistry Set, Studio 2

Posted on 26 May 2011
By Richard Lewis
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In the wake of Liverpool Sound City anyone who is suffering from withdrawal symptoms will be sated by the debut of Chemistry Set, a night founded and curated by Liverpool electronic/rock group Fo’netiks.

Running on the last Friday of every month, the night is partially inspired by the line-ups put together for alternative music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties by the likes of The Breeders, Pavement and Belle and Sebastian.

As Fo’netiks lead singer Jamie explains: “We were talking to (music promoter) Lazy Genius about doing something at Studio 2, Parr St when the previous band who held a night there relocated to Brighton.”

“It’s a great space, the sound is really good and we’re hoping to have visuals running all the time too. We wanted to make it more than just a regular band night, that’s why we have two bands on and a DJ.”

“There’s a really great undercurrent of stuff going on the in the city, this way we get to put bands on who might not normally play together.”

In keeping with Fo’netiks’ sound which fuses dance and rock, the night will be predominantly, but not exclusively feature electronic acts.

Jamie added: “The tagline for the night is ‘Live and Electronic.’

“We’ve left it open at that, it’s a bit ambiguous. Some of the bands we’ll have on will be guitar bands, some will be dedicated electronic bands and some, like us will be both. The playlist for the DJ sets are gonna split between that as well.

“I really like the idea of bands expanding the audience’s worldview, something more than a CD you put on in the car when you’re going on a long journey or something that you hear in the supermarket.”

On the bill for the opening night are Fo’netiks themselves and much tipped Mancunian electronic act Gospel. To spread the word, Fo’netiks have pressed up CDs for the occasion. “We’re giving away CDs on the night with some of our tracks, some of Gospel’s tracks and three remixes we’ve done of their work” Jamie says.

Talking of remixes, the band have recently announced that they are available as remixers for hire, free of charge to any band who are interested.

“If anybody wants to send us anything, we’ll do it” Jamie says. “We’re happy to remix anybody.”

Chemistry Set begins on Friday 27th May at Studio 2, Parr St. Free entry.