Exclusive interview with JuJu from Little Fish

Posted on 11 November 2010
By Norman Parker
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Purple Revolver have been in touch with JuJu from Little Fish this week, and this is what the lithe guitar playing woman had to say about her Christmas crackers.

Purple Revolver: Hi JuJu, how are you?
JuJu: Very good thanks.

Purple Revolver: We are all about the shooting the future at Purple Revolver, predicting trends in music, film and culture years before they happen. What are your predictions for the future?
JuJu: People are going to have to get back to performing I think. Now that everyone can lay down a track on a computer, it is going to be really important for there to be artists who can perform live and connect with audiences. Everything is becoming so virtual and detatched, artists need to get back on the circuit and play some sweaty basement clubs.

Purple Revolver: In terms of clothing, what look do you think is emerging? The whole grunge thing seems to be having a renaissance at the minute.
JuJu: I don’t know to be honest, but as long as this 80s re-emergence is over, I’m happy.

Purple Revolver: If you could make a time capsule, what would you put in that really represents this age we live in today?
JuJu: An iPhone or an iPod. The future will definitely have something far more advanced so they can laugh at how primitive we were.

Purple Revolver: Any personal messages for the future?
JuJu: Dress up warm, it’s a cold world.

Purple Revolver: Christmas is coming up, what is the worst present you have ever received or given to someone?
JuJu: Hand knitted atrocities always seem to put a little downer on the whole Christmas present thing, whether they’re being given or received. Leave the wool where it belongs people.

Purple Revolver: Best and worst Christmas song off the top of your head?
JuJu: Best- Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.
Worst – I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus.

Purple Revolver: Looking back on your school days, were you a rebel or a book worm?
JuJu: I was a rebel worm.

Any run ins with the law?
JuJu: No, not really, but I’ve had plenty run-ins with doors.

Purple Revolver: What were the fads that swept through your playground when you were younger?
JuJu: Hand tennis, kiss chase and imagination.

Purple Revoler: What you got coming up in terms of releases, tours etc?
JuJu: Well we have got Sweat N Shiver, a single which is coming out early December. It’s a song from our first album Baffled & Beat, so really looking forward to getting that out there.

Purple Rvolver: If you could make a supergroup, adding one artist dead or alive, who would it be?
JuJu: I think we would go for some double drums and add John Bonham to the line-up.

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