Drake Started From The Bottom all-time greatest 90s throwback music video

Posted on 17 March 2013
By Amber May
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Drake is on course for knocking 2Pac’s How Do You Want It? music video off the top spot as Purple Revolver’s All-Time Greatest hip-hop music vide-ho of all-time – with his sublime aspirational pop art music video Made It From The Bottom from the Desk of Director X and Drake.

The music video features the Canadian rapper sporting a relaxed afro working in a Walgreens-type all-hours mini-mart.

Then it pans to a Toronto little league soccer team marking the start of a Young Money star’s journey From The Bottom.

Drake is shown dressed in all-white, rapping in the streets in the snow next to a white Bentley.

The Thank Me Later rapper’s minimum-wage colleagues are shown hitting on a stunning young green-eyed lady at the Walgreens check-out.

Drake and crew are then shown skipping down the Walgreens aisles covered in confetti, then riding about in golf buggies Bill Murray-style at a Californian mansion.

The focus moves to the Young Money beautiful people dancing in a nightclub dressed in all-black (with fellow revellers even smoking inside the nightclub – remember that?).

The camera pans to Drake bowling a strike at a ten-pin bowling alley.

Rocking bling 2013 Young Money-style, Drake holds up every gold chain he owns and insists: “I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house.”

The camera pans to a city-scape and Started From The Bottom black and gold lettered billboards, with Drake dancing across the roof-top.

For the piece de resistance Drake is shown chilling with a flute of champagne in a private jet with cream leather interiors and another young lovely crashed out in the seat opposite him.

Drake, we’ve always liked your girl-friendly tunes, the only thing we have on is the radio, but this music video and new Young Money movement and lifestyle is what we’re dreaming of now — we salute you. More please.