Dizzee Rascal dissess Rob Da Bank’s dirty Dunlops

Posted on 15 August 2009
By Pierce King
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Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank has described how rap superstar Dizzee Rascal sent him running from his trailer in shame after dissing his festival fave dirty Dunlop trainers.

The Bonkers star, who entertained a 20,000 strong-crowd with his dance chart-topper invited Rob and Annie Mac to chill out with him before his performance at Rock Ness.

But after complimenting Annie on her sneakers he turned to Rob Da Bank and mocked his Green flash shoes, tatty orange pants and long ponytail.

Rob, who also organises Bestival, ran from his trailer at the Inverness festival in a ‘typsy huff,’ but Annie made Dizzee chase after Rob to apologise.

Admitting the fallout on his Radio show he said: “I met Dizzee up at RockNess, which I was really looking forward to, but he mortally offended me.

“I went into his trailer with Annie Mac and we both had our muddy trainers on. Annie had these really flash Nikes on or something and he went yeah Annie I’m lovin those trainers.

“Then he turned to me, looked me up and down with a stern glance and proceeded to start taking the Mickey out of my old Green Flash, my old orange trousers and my long hair.

“It almost made me weep – so I stormed off in a sort of typsy huff and Annie sent him after me to apologise.

“So that was great – I don’t suppose many people can say they’ve had Dizzee Rascal come up and apologise to them and then he took me back under his wing and we were mates again.”

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