Diesel exclusive: The Good Natured interview

Posted on 20 September 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Purple Revolver caught up with Sarah from The Good Natured before her Liverpool Biennial performance, as part of The Midnight Special in the Diesel store.

On the upcoming gig Sarah commented: “I am really looking forward to the Biennial show in Liverpool, the artwork and visuals are all in place and I am really excited about the performance. I will be wearing a cape as well which is always good- I feel like a superhero.”

When asked what superpower she would have if given the opportunity Sarah said: “I would love to be able to fly, that would be so good.”

Sarah went one step further then referencing Kevin Costner’s film Waterworld saying: “If I could breathe under water without having gills, that would be interesting. I don’t know if that can be classified as a superpower though.”

The Good Natured have been shooting their new video for Be My Animal in a nuclear tunnel in Brakla, Wales recently and the Newbury singer said of the project:

“I wanted it to be really dark, and there is no more oppressive setting than a nuclear bunker. It was within budget which helped, and it was a really beautiful location. We worked with Seveneverything who styled the video and brought in the props, there was a lot of stuffed animals and taxidermy on set. I still need to see the finished article.”

Image conscious Sarah has said that she does not get her inspiration from the glossy magazines on the shelf, but looks to the past for her style musings. “I don’t read glossy magz. In terms of who I really look up to and admire, I think Siouxsie and The Banshees and Robert Smith always look good.”

The Good Natured have had a successful run of festival appearances and have a few stories from on the road, such as Sarah’s run in with The Strokes at the Isle of Wight festival.

She said: “Backstage at the IOW festival, I was sitting with my friend and this huge black van with tinted windows pulled up- we didn’t know who it was but guessed it was someone big. Then the doors swung open and a few of The Strokes boys got out, Julian Casablancas wasn’t there but most of the others were.”

“In the melee trying to get out of the vehicle the drummer Fabrizio Moretti trampled on me. That was something we had a laugh about after, he was very apologetic of course.”

Sarah is not one to miss a trick and sees YouTube as a valuable medium for artists to disseminate their work: “I really value it, there is no better tool to get your music out there. People can build a career on YouTube these days, it really is a level playing field.”

When asked whether she had a guilty pleasure searching for obscure funny videos on YouTube Sarah revealed: “I like watching funny videos of cats. There is one where a cat jumps up to grab something attached to a fan and gets stuck spinning around, that one is hilarious.”

People can get their tickets for The Midnight Special from the Diesel store in Liverpool One.