D&B Exclusive: Logistics interview ahead of Fear Not release

Posted on 13 April 2012
By Emma Cowles
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Fellow Drum and Bass lovers, take heed for Logistics is back. Matt Gresham, Hospital Records boy-next-door has returned, bearing gifts of musical brilliance.

Following his recently released single We Are One, Matt is now geared up to release his fourth artist album Fear Not on April 16th.

Here, Logistics waves goodbye to his traditional style and embraces all things new, with a progression away from samples and a movement towards crafting his own analogue sound.

In eager anticipation of this new release, Purple Revolver caught up with the man himself to have a natter about his new direction, early musical influences, and a bit of casual lorry spotting…

Purple Revolver: Thanks for chatting to us. How are you today?

Logistics: I’m good thanks, still a bit tired after the Bank Holiday but I had a lot of fun at the gigs I played over the weekend so I can’t complain.

Purple Revolver: Did you always know you wanted to be in music?

Logistics: I’ve always had a big passion for music but growing up I was very torn between art and music. I knew it was always going to be one or the other though.

Purple Revolver: What were your earliest music influences?
Logistics: As far as my early influences go it’d be the music my parents played me like Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, Manhattan Transfer and Stevie Wonder.

Purple Revolver: What inspires you when you’re making music?
Logistics: In terms of inspiration it can be all kinds of things like music from my past, current music that I hear when I’m out DJing, books, films etc.

Purple Revolver: What would you say is the key defining feature in the music that you make?

Logistics: Bass and energy.

Purple Revolver: Do you find that tracks that are the most successful/liked by the public are the ones you put most effort into?

Logistics: Not so much, there’s no real correlation between that stuff. Sometimes they are the tracks I’ve made in a few hours, other times they are the ones that I’ve spent years over. That can be pretty frustrating at times but I also think that that is one of the enjoyable challenges you face as a producer.

Purple Revolver: Where did the name Logistics come from?

Logistics: I was always determined to just work under my real name but at the time that wasn’t very “Drum and Bass”. The first release I did was with my brother Nu:Tone and he pushed me to get an artist name just for that particular release so one day whilst driving along on the motorway I noticed a lorry with the word ‘logistics’ on it and I was always into the way it looked as well as the connotations. It was only ever meant to be a temporary name but it ended up sticking after some of my early tracks under that name started gaining a bit of support.

Purple Revolver: We’ve heard you describe yourself as ‘not the most extroverted guy around’. Given that you spend a lot of time playing out in front of massive crowds do you find this comes as a challenge?

Logistics: Not really, I’ve always preferred to let the music do the talking and if I can I like to play with an MC who can host the sets and work on the crowd interaction side of things.

Purple Revolver: Can you tell us about your big break into drum and bass?

Logistics: Probably signing with Hospital Records. I also have to give a mention to Fabio who was always supportive of my music before I actually released anything.

Purple Revolver: How has your sound has evolved over the years?

Logistics: I think my production has improved over the years, when I listen back to my early stuff I can all kinds of faults and things I’d like to change. I’m quite particular about what I like in terms of melodies and chord progressions so I think my music will always have some kind of connection even if stylistically it’s quite different.

Purple Revolver: Tell us a little about your upcoming album Fear Not. What direction did have you chosen for this album?

Logistics: I was very determined to make this album different to anything I’ve done before. The previous three albums all have quite a similar sound in terms of style whereas this album is a bit of a departure from my older sound. I switched up the way I was working for this album as well. In the past I was always working with lots of samples whereas with this album a lot of what you hear on there has been made from scratch even if it appears to sound like a sample.

Purple Revolver: What’s your favourite track off the album?

Logistics: Currently it’s ‘2999 (Wherever You Go)’

Purple Revolver: What’s the inspiration behind the album cover? It’s very Pop Art!

Logistics: Yes, it’s a nod to Pop Art. I’ve grown up around that kind of Art as my Dad is a screenprinter and I’ve always had a real passion for that style.

Purple Revolver: Where do you see yourself in five years time? Will you still be making D&B?

Logistics: I’m sure I’ll always make Drum and Bass, I’ve been immersed in the music now for about 15 years if not more and it’s a massive part of who I am.

Purple Revolver: Now for a few quick fires…Who’s your dream collaboration?

Logistics: It’s between Andreya Triana and Cinematic Orchestra.

Purple Revolver: What is your all-time favourite song?

Logistics: This changes all the time but currently it’s ‘Peg’ by Steely Dan.

Purple Revolver: What three things would you put in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years time?

Logistics: My record collection, a Technics 1210 and some studio gear.

Purple Revolver: Song that’s your guilty pleasure?

Logistics: ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac.

Purple Revolver: Worst song ever made?

Logistics: Any of those novelty records like Mr Blobby or The Crazy Frog!

Purple Revolver: Ever played an instrument?

Logistics: Yep, bass and guitar when I was younger.

Purple Revolver: Favourite film?

Logistics: Fargo.

Purple Revolver: Favourite comedy?

Logistics: Alan Partridge.

Purple Revolver: Partridge is the king of comedy! Thanks for chatting to us.

Logistics: My pleasure!

Having produced nuggets of musical gold since 2004, and a household name in the Drum and Bass scene, Gresham certainly has a track record to be proud of.

His new album will undoubtedly add a silver lining around his already prestigious career. Coming at the genre with a fresh pair of eyes, Fear Not is set to make waves in the electronic music scene. Hands up for a copy? We’ve bagged ours.

In conjunction with the release of Fear Not, Logistics has been touring the country to present the album at a number of Hospitality nights, the last is Hospitality Leeds on the 20th – be sure not to miss out.

Logistics – “Fear Not” is due out on Monday 16th April on Hospital Records. Buy it here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/preorder/fear-not/id513096923