Close Up: Interview with Sound Of Guns

Posted on 22 February 2010
By Danny Keightley
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Cited by Sound City as “Arguably the biggest sound in Liverpool right now…” Purple Revolver took a seat with local rock ‘n roll criminals ‘Sound Of Guns’ before their NME awards show to chat about the music scene, police raids, Ghandi, and Arnie Schwarzenegger.

P.Rev: Introduce yourselves.

Andy: I’m Andy – Singer for Sound of Guns, and this is Lee.

Lee: And I play guitar.

P.Rev: So guys, you’ve been tipped for success in 2010. Feeling ambitious?

Andy: Well, we were already ambitious before people started saying nice things about us.

Lee: Yeah. We’re ambitious but we’re just not gonna get blinded by the light — stay focused. It’s lovely when people like Zane Lowe mention us, and when we’re complimented but we don’t wanna let it get to our heads and forget why we’re doing this.

P.Rev: And why are you doing this?

Andy: To make decent tunes!

P.Rev: Who would you state as the most ‘decent’ rock ‘n roll band out there right now then?

Lee: This is the thing. There’s a load of guitar bands out there, it’s hard to pick one out…Queens of the Stone Age? Stuff like that.

P.Rev: Would you agree that it’s a very indie-orientated music scene at the moment?

Andy: Well Liverpool has that long history of indie bands like The Coral and The Zutons…The Teardrop Explodes. They really capture that sound — as a band, we could never get away with being stylised like that.

Lee: Good old guitar music will never die, though.

Andy: Yeah. People say that and it’s like…okay. Listen to the first 5 minutes of our new single. Songs are written on guitar as far as we’re concerned. Music scenes become faddy because bands who want record deals will start changing what they feel to what will get a record deal at that point in time. It’s bullshit. We’re really simple musicians. I don’t know about the others but personally, I’m not into the electronic kinda thing. I still respect it-

Lee: Yeah, like…I wouldn’t go out and buy Cheryl Cole’s new single, for example.

P.Rev: Aha, she’s such a popular topic for debate lately.

Lee: She’s not my kinda thing.

Andy: Well she’s very bendy – that’s what it is!

P.Rev: Going back to the subject of rock ‘n roll for a minute, you call yourselves a rock ‘n roll band, right? Tell us what the most rock ‘n roll thing you’ve ever done is.

Andy: I got found over a bench by the park police.

P.Rev: Bent over the bench?

Andy: (laughs) Not over the bench. I got arrested, though. We have a lot of stories but they’re not rock ‘n roll if we tell them!

Lee: There was that time cops found us in Wakefield; accused of us of having guns on us.

P.Rev: Living up to the band’s name then?

Andy: (Laughs) Yeah. We just heard ‘come out with your hands up’. Had us over the bonnets. Must have been about 40 or 50 police there. Riot vans. Everything. Detriot Social Club who were on tour with at the time filmed it. They’re the only ones with video.

P.Rev: Anything else?

Andy: kids destroyed The Editor’s dressing room.

Lee: He has really rock ‘n roll kids.

P.Rev: No pun intended. Sound of Guns, what’s your weapon of choice?

Andy: I like Vodka and Red Bull. Or any kind of whiskey. (Laughing) What have you got for us??

P.Rev: I was referring to guns but Whiskey’s good!

Andy: Too right!

P.Rev: Favourite shoot ’em up movie?

Andy: What’s a shoot ’em up movie?

P.Rev: All guns blazing. Bang Bang.

Andy: Oh! Haha. I’ll say Commando. Mate, he nails about 14 people at the end.

P.Rev: (Bad Arnie impression) I lied.

Lee: That man’s invincible with a gun.

P.Rev: Speaking of which, first person you’d shoot if YOU had a real gun?

Lee: Fuckin hell, what a question!

Andy: Probably George Bush? Just coz he’s a nobhead.

P.Rev: What about you, Lee?-

Andy: Ghandi! Haha. Cause he’s a shit stirrer.

P.Rev: Ghandi’s a shit stirrer, yeah?

Andy: Well you just gotta sit down in the middle of the road when there’s fuckin traffic flowing, that’s all I can say. Doesn’t matter what the problem is.

P.Rev: Um, ok. And lastly what would the sound of your gun be?

Andy: Bang. Haha.

Lee: Pkeuuuuuu!

P.Rev: Any reason why?

Lee: Just sounds good.

Well it sounds good to us.
S.O.G are touring the UK in March, and you can check out their vid for new single ‘Alcatraz on the side bar if you haven’t already.