Close Up: Interview with Breed 77

Posted on 20 November 2009
By Danny Keightley
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It’s now or never for U.K based Gibraltarians Breed 77. Known for blending intricate flamenco melody with harsh metal riffage, one would quite easily assume that they stand out among the crop of current metal and rock acts. But why aren’t they bigger? We sat down with vocalist Paul Isola, and guitarist Pedro Caparros in hope to find out.

With new album “Insects” released November 16th, they are confident this album we will allow for wider recognition, and more festival opportunities. “Insects” is tentatively described as a ‘loose concept’ album themed on how we, humans are ‘all insects – just working together to feed the queen. Or farm animals…but that doesn’t sound as metal!’

So a politically themed album then?

Pedro answers ‘well we’re not a political band or anything but most of our lyrics are about war and politics – it’s all you see and hear about on television and the radio.”

When asked if they were dropping the ethnicity of previous record “In My Blood” Paul answers ‘it was a natural progression for us just to get in touch with our roots – big inspirations of ours come from Floyd and Zeppelin, but it’s still Breed 77 all over, we just made it heavier! Though the more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of our first album (Self Titled) but that was definitely unintentional!’

Pedro adds ‘after we dropped from our previous record label ‘Albert Records’, we started up our own record company – La Rocka records. It was more fun and a lot faster to record, you work faster when you’re paying out of your own pockets…”Insects” is our baby.’

And aren’t the parents proud! With a new video and single hitting television stations such as Kerrang! and Scuzz, and reaching the top 40 pre-orders on, this is great news for the quintet. Paul is quick to describe their new single as a ‘statement of intent’ only to further express that ‘singles aren’t important these days anyway. It’s a dead market.’

It’s true – with the internet phenomenon taking over, you can download a full album in minutes, and discover bands through popular sites such as MySpace, or software like Spotify. ‘We promote ourselves as much as we can (on the internet) most of the stuff you hear about bands being unsigned is all bullshit, it’s about how many ‘friends’ you have on MySpace.’

They’re words from a man with a bold and brazen attitude but he answers every question with such a lighthearted manner toning his hybrid cockney/Spaniard accent, it’s clear that perhaps Breed 77 don’t take things too seriously. Like when we quiz them what the most rock n roll thing they’ve ever done is, he laughingly answers ‘we have wives and girlfriends to protect – we’re hiding our stories for another time. You know Motley Crue’s autobiography was called the dirt? Ours will be called the scum!’

Breed 77 are a group who have endured quite a long and respectable career thus far. Original members; Paul, Stuart Cavilla (bass), and Danny Felice (guitar) have been together for 10 years and Paul jokingly states ‘we’ve been a band since before you put a school uniform on!’

They are currently touring with Symphony Cult and Our Malevolent Tyranny in promotion of their new album.

With a refreshing take upon a bloated genre, and excellent musicianship to back it up, Breed 77 are worth the watch.