Big Sean says Kanye West power weed sessions upset the Royal family at hotel

Posted on 7 March 2012
By Pierce King
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Kanye West has been upsetting his new Royal neighbours at the uber-plush Lanesborough Hotel after inviting a stream of rap stars into his make shift studios to smoke it up.

The self-styled fashion mogul has moved into Lanesborough — just across the road from Buckingham Palace and is a regular haunt for members of the Royal family.

Kanyeezy has taken over the top floor in a Brewsters Millions stylee and installed extensive music studios and fashion workshops across several rooms.

He has also put up members of his entourage and invited rappers including Common, Pusha T and his gold chain wearing protégé Big Sean, who have been lighting up some major weed.

Apparently their disturbances at the hotel, where suites cost £2,700 a night have left the Queen and other Royals uttering ‘we are not amused’ and they complained to the hotel.

Kanye’s underling Big Sean said: “Kanye brought us over to London and we were right next to the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family. There were a few members of the Royal Family staying below us.

“Kanye had rented out the top floor and we banged that bitch out.

“Every room was a studio. The Royal Family below were complaining like, ‘We got all this loud-ass rap music above us and weed smoke.’

“They paid all this money and you don’t expect to get these kind of complaints.”