Amanda Palmer to release Radiohead covers EP

Posted on 16 June 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Following an unnecessarily exhaustive battle with Roadrunner records – of which the Dresden Doll front woman is now free – the frankly batty and utterly delightful Amanda Palmer is set to release a cheap and cheerful EP in which she plays Radiohead covers on her Uke, an instrument she apparently only picked up and learnt as a ‘joke’.

Those that have witnessed any of her recent shows will already have familiarised themselves with her stripped down and minimal cover versions of Creep and Fake Plastic Trees, both given the trademark Palmer treatment – emotional, bare knuckled and with such fervent underlying sincerity that she could cover Three Blind Mice and still manage to reduce an audience to a quivering, angst ridden mess.

Due for release on July 17, the EP also features renditions of No Surprises, High And Dry, and a bonus version of Exit Music (For A Film) recorded on piano with backing from a string quartet at the Sydney Opera House. Idioteque is the first single to be released from the EP, available for download at Bandcamp, or alternatively you can listen to it on Amanda’s website at the link below.

The album will be available for download, alongside a limited run of 1000 vinyl copies, with some reportedly also featuring special ‘extras’ such as exclusively designed Ukuleles and Skype transmissions with Palmer herself, who reportedly will do a special private performance for whichever lucky fan should get their paws on the specific copy.

Palmer explained the pricing of the album on her website:

“the album will be available on bandcamp for a minimum donation of 84¢…some stuff i’d like you to know about that 84¢:
– 54¢ of it is going directly back into radiohead’s pockets (the cost of selling my covers of their songs)
– the remaining 30¢ will be going to paypal to cover the transaction fee
– should people (like YOU) choose to donate MORE than that, it’ll come directly to me – no label, no nothing
– i really would love for people to see this release and love it but maybe hopefully learn something from it about how artists get paid in this type of situation”

Listen to Idioteque:

Amanda Palmer on Bandcamp: