Aime Simone new debut single Whats up with the world? out now.

Posted on 2 April 2020
By Milka Cherkezova
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Now that England is on a lockdown, a lot of us can struggle with social distancing and isolating. It is easy to feel lonely and anxious, which is why you should listen to ‘What’s up with the world?’ by Aime Simone, which is a song that expresses just that!

Simone is a Persian, alternative-pop singer from Berlin and he just released his single ‘What’s up with the world?’.

The artist writes songs to express his feelings or to tell a story; he said:

“This song is about coming together with love in the face of anxiety, a sense of doom, and hopelessness caused by issues such as climate change and the global pandemic.”

The song is his meditation on the chaotic world we live in. His pensive yet motivating songwriting comes from years of Aime’s self-healing.

As a young teenager, he began to experience symptoms of PTSD, which turned into anorexia and related physical injuries and operations, leading to multiple clinics stays to heal.

During Aime’s time in Paris, he became very close friends with Pete Doherty, who helped pull Aime out of a dark place, and has also been a mentor in his artistic development, which has since led to Aime opening for Pete at his shows.

After meeting Pete, the fashion world also opened its doors for Aime, and he’s spent years travelling as a model, spending time in LA and New York, and achieving major highlights like Hedi Slimane’s 2013 Saint Laurent campaign, which included Aime opening the catwalk in Paris.

Aime moved to Berlin in 2017 and became inspired by its iconic music scene, which saw him expand his music with electronics, to the point where he was again performing live and throwing his own events.

In 2020 he’s now releasing his own music, which pulls from all of these life-changing experiences.

You can listen to ‘What’s up with the world?’ on YouTube and Spotify.