ABBA return with a double-whammy to reclaim their rightful place in pop

Posted on 5 September 2021
By Alley Richardson
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After a 39 year absence from the pop world ABBA are back, that’s right the fearsome foursome of yesteryear are back with a new album.

Unavailing a teaser of what’s to come with a double-whammy of I Have Faith In you/Don’t Shut Me Down. Both of which will feature on the new album.

ABBA Voyage seems to have been plagued by various setbacks but following an announcement from the four members (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Anni-frid [freda] Lyngstad and Agnetha Fälskog) the long awaited album will be released November 5th.

The new music has that ABBA quality that has singled them out and helped them dominate the charts with their longevity.

Both I Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down have a reflective undertone which could be compared to the rising of the Pheonix, from the ashes of the past to a bright new beginning but on a more somber note it resonates with not only their own separations for reformation but more recently our own separation from each other and the power that truly great music has for uniting people in a way the resonates with most everyone.

The announcement also came with details of a state of the arts holographic tour in which all four members of the group will appear on the stage digitally and will be held alongside a live 10 piece band at a purposely built arena in London on May 27th 2022.

Almost 40 years since the release of their last album The Visitors (1981) and the bitter breakup that ended in divorce and the members vowing not to reunite but following the announcement of the revival the group stated that: “after 35 years it could be fun to join forces again”

And it’s said that it was “a truly joyful experience”.

Long time fans of the group have secretly wished for a reunion and various comments throughout social media show there’s real anticipation for the comeback and to what many fans have described as a return to pop music at its best.

I Have Faith In You/Don’t Shut Me Down is out now on all streaming sites.