You Me At Six, Leeds. Review and Pictures

Posted on 13 October 2011
By Cat Marr and Danny Payne
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Tonight Leeds O2 Academy is a marionette theatre and Josh Franceshci is the one pulling all the strings.

The majority of the crowd were teenage girls, who had dressed up in their finest Topshop ensembles for the occasion. Dotted around the venue were a few boyfriends who had obviously been dragged to hold back their partner from jumping onto the stage and terrorising the band.

Lead singer Josh had no trouble, even if he forgot the words, because they would have just been sung straight back to him. Frequently he opened his arms and leant back to lean on the words of his adoring public.

Playing with the crowd, he enticed them by running from one side to the other.

The band constantly looked across the audience in disbelief at the volumes of screams thrown in their direction.

The crowd was transfixed, and compliant with the band’s every command, one girl even spent the majority of a song trying to take her bra off under her shirt before throwing it onto the stage.

Each song received an electric response from the crowd, ‘Save it for the Bedroom’ whipped them into a frenzy and new single ‘Lover Boy’ was on the lips of everyone before the band had played a single note.

Their musical performance was strong, not missing a note or beat, they were out to prove that they were worth their recent album chart success.

It was difficult to fault the vocals of the frontman, the only problem was that he was constantly drowned out by the crowd. This is what Beatlemania must’ve sounded like. Fast forward to 2011.

Fans leave the performance drenched to the bone, a sign of their YM@6 devotion.

This show will probably be the talk of the playground for days to come.

Words by Cat Marr
Pictures by Danny Payne