Two Door Cinema Club Liverpool O2 academy review

Posted on 30 September 2010
By Jay Ledsham
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Purple Revolver was in attendance as Two Door Cinema Club’s blew the doors off the O2 academy in Liverpool last night.

The quartet who hail from Northern Ireland came out on stage to a boisterous crowd and the venue was packed to the rafters for their last gig of a UK tour.

Starting out with the ever popular Undercover Martyn they got the crowd whipped up into a frenzy, which at one point even included a rather civilized swirling mosh pit run mainly by preppy scenesters in grandad cardies.

With Undercover Marytn coming to an end the Liverpool audience were pumping with sweat, Alex Trimble (Front man) thought he would ask how everyone was doing in his thick Irish drawl, and the fans responded with hoots and cheers.

To keep energy levels up the boys hit us with a new song which blew almost everybody away apart from some pretty hammered spectators who were sliding off the sweat/booze soaked walls.

The crowd were eating from the palm of their hands by the time they played into Do you Want it All which had mellowing effect on proceeding, that is until they struck into the chorus which got the booze flying through the air. Yummy.

With Do you Want it All finished, Alex asked for the crowd’s hands to be raised into the hot and humid air, and the mass obliged in due course waving their arms like lunatics.

Then TDCC played us yet another new tune which was absolutely awesome, apologies for not catching the names of the new song, but with the noise of the crowd and Trimble’s incomprehensible accent working in tandem, it slipped away.

With that tune coming to an end Alex said “We fucking love playing new songs”, well we love hearing them dude.

Going back to the sing a long hits they played us into This is the Life, which was put together masterfully. The band took a bow and thanked us for being here to enjoy what they put their heart and soul into.

The Band took a minor breather to give us a few words, “We love playing in Liverpool, especially tonight!” The crowd reacted by lashing lots of what I hope is beer at the band and each other.

Due to this appreciation they decided to play us a new song named Kids, which was one of the weaker songs to be played in the set list.

Alex yet again took another breather to say a few words “Well Liverpool this has to be the hottest gig ever, its boiling in here!”. The mass of people already knew that due to the sweat dripping from the ceiling. Alex continued with: “This Liverpool is our last night of the UK tour, we hope you enjoyed it” … More ‘Beer’ got bombed everywhere.

With the end looming upon us they resorted to what they started with Undercover Martyn, which was strange curtain closer having been played already but was enjoyable nonetheless.

The crowd went insane, Alex got hit in the face with what appeared to be a really sweaty T Shirt, he was knocked of his stride momentarily, but carried on like a true professional.

With the gig at an end, the band left the stage which upset the gigsters. Two Door felt like they had one more song in them and came out bouncing in unison with the O2 audience.

Cigarette’s in the Theatre clearly zapped the mass of Two Door fans with a truly memorable finish. With hardly any oxygen left in the O2 the mass of sweaty, drunk and satisfied fans took to the streets. The steam coming off everybody created a big, stinking cloud above the great city of Liverpool. Tremendous.