Travis celebrate their 20th birthday at the Liverpool O2 Academy, welcoming their new album Everything At Once

Posted on 20 December 2016
By Ellie Gregory
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Kick starting their three-night UK tour in celebration of the band’s 20th birthday, the Scottish quartet, Travis, opened up to a sell out show at the O2 Academy in Liverpool.

Rather looking like a scene from the Sgt Pepper’s bar on Matthew Street, the floor and balcony was filled with a mixture of generations, all with a pint in one hand.

Forming in Glasgow back in 1990, Travis released their debut album ‘Good Feeling’ in 1997, and have this year released their eighth album ‘Everything At Once’.

Fran Healy, Travis’ lead vocalist, said: “Travis are 20 years old, and we are one of the few bands that are still surviving, and it’s thanks to you all!”

Giving the crowd a taste of what’s to come, Travis handpicked their support act all the way from the States, Chicago specifically.

Sarah Walk captivated the crowd with her rock, pop and piano ballad concoction, which brought a powerful live set to the crowd last night.

For her debut performance in Liverpool, Sarah Walk allowed the O2 Academy to have a taster of her vocal abilities.

Kick-starting with the electric piano and bass, and finishing with a mellow acoustic to her single ‘Still Frames’ won the applaud of Liverpool.

“I’ll be releasing my debut album next year, so I hope you stay in touch and I hope to see you guys real soon!”, as Sarah ended her set.

Travis were soon welcomed by eager fans, cheering, applauding, roaring.
Liverpool adored them.

Even more so when they discovered that one of the members is a resident of their beloved city.
The O2 Academy was in for a treat, as the legendary band were to play a full one and a half hour live set.

One fan had an incredible experience when lead vocalist, Fran Healy, decided he wanted to immerse himself into a whole new experience, and jumped on the fan’s shoulders to view the gig for himself!

Travis is the type of band you must experience live.

Accompanying their exceptional talent to create pure, live music is their witty banter–which you will not get from a CD!

When creating the song ‘Writing to Reach You’, Fran amused fans with his anecdote of how the song came about.

“Twenty one years old, that’s as old as some of you are!

“In song years, it’s 100 years

“It was written in Glasgow in the coldest, coldest room and someone brought me a little gas fire
“I wrote it tripping on gas

Travis’ music is the type to bring people together, which is exactly what happened at their gig.

One song in particular, ‘Sing’, united the crowd and was sung in perfect harmony.

The Scottish quintet engaged significantly well with their fans, as they were deservingly rewarded with a cacophony of applauds and cheers during their finale.

Tonight, Travis will be travelling to Sheffield, and then concluding their tour tomorrow in their birthplace, Glasgow, to deliver another feel-good performance to their dedicated fans.