Top 5 New Albums to Get Inspired to Write Your Essay

Posted on 6 November 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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Writing art is a career developed through consistent practice over time. Determination and professionalism is a vital aspect of writing. One-on-one interaction with the instructors can help students to develop good writing skills.

However, the introduction of advanced technology can facilitate students to learn at their comfort. Good writing skills open up various opportunities and avenues for widening income. Writing is also inevitable is showcasing personality.

How to write your college essay

Writing a college essay is like a football match. Some definite rules and regulations govern good writing skills. Like a footballer, the writer needs to learn and master rules and tricks to craft and generate good writing style. In writing college essay, we care here to help me write my essay.
The following rules are inevitable to adhere to:

Finding an interesting subject

Every college essay must contain a vital subject. The subject will form the basic theme for writing an assignment. The team from urges the students to select relevant and interesting them to write about.

Keeping the essay simple

The simple but clear arrangement of thoughts and ideas is critical while developing college essay. The use of complicated vocabulary in the text may make the assignment to lose touch with the reality. Good college essays are simple, concise and coherent.

Real with relevant points

Some writers do not want to sound like themselves. They hide their identity in the essay. As a college student, it is important to state the points clearly without hiding the truth. The points should be arranged in clear and transparent approach.

How new albums are inspiring you to start writing

There are various albums written with inspiring messages to help to grow writing skills. However, this will restrict analysis to five major albums.

Feist – “Pleasure”

This is the fifth album of Leslie Feists. The album exudes the artisanal vibe of an artist tinkering with incomplete songs right in front of friends in her backyard. The singer uses a few editing techniques to permeate pleasure with a restless and unpredictable quality. Feist further uses the album to communicate something so subtle that she could not express. Though she could be a poor translator, the album is the best medium of communication. This album has excellent inspiration to writers. Writers should never be afraid to share and express their feelings in the paper. Good college essay communicates by itself. During writing, the writers should be innovative and creative like Leslie Feist did in her album despite being a poor translator.

The Moonlandingz – “Interplanetary Class Classics”

Interplanetary Class Classics was initially a concept album meant to explore the life of fictional band alongside other controversial issues. Just like writing, the college essay may be about specific controversial issues. The writing is an art which requires exclusive creativity to express ideas and theme. Interplanetary Class Classics has far been ranked among the best because of creativity and determination. Despite the periphery challenges, it is important to remain focused and determined to achieve success.

The songs also greatly help the writers on how to start and end an essay. The album started by bitterly addressing sensitive themes but ends on a positive note. This creativity helps to relieve the audience. Similarly, the writers should also adopt a similar strategy. Though some college essay has a bitter beginning, however, the writer should ensure that the essay ends on a positive note despite the sensitivity of the matter being discussed.

Sampha – “Process”

This album opens with a sound bite taken from outer space. The process is an album expressing grief. This grief emanates from the loss of a parent, a mother who succumbed to cancer. The overarching album ranges from piano-based soul ballads to experimental pop with nice lyrics. The words in the process album best expressed the loss of a dear friend.

Like the sound and words in the process album, the college essay should be written with clear and straightforward vocabulary which depicts the real context from where the essay was written. Students should get inspired on how to generate good essays from conventional subject to evoke the emotion of the audience.

Paul Weller – “A Kind Revolution”

The singer produced the song to provide nothing but comfort. The album portrays how Weller is not content to settle into a familiar groove. This is further expressed in the album of an impossible idea. However, a kind revolution feels cozy. Writers should sometimes act like Paul Weller who released a song for nothing but comfort. In other words, writing a good college essay should soothe the feeling of the audience. The essay should contain comic expression to bring taste to the essay.

Drake – “More Life”

Drake is a favorite artist of many writers. His album More Life sounds expressive and emotional. He is a true pop visionary with a fan at heart. This is inspiration song to the writers while advancing their writing career. It helps the writers to appreciate the art of writing like Drake is deeply interested in his artistic work.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it essential to perform the writing work with passion like various artists in the above albums. Writing is a suitable medium for expressing in-depth feelings about particular events or activities.