Tom Waits – Bad as Me review

Posted on 23 October 2011
By Matt Barden
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Tom Waits has given us a lot of styles over a four decade spanning career. From blues, jazz, vaudeville and rock the crooner has never been afraid to push boundaries.

On Bad as Me Waits gives fans thirteen tracks of varying styles, a guided tour by the man himself through the genres that have made him a living legend.

Kicking things off with the upbeat Chicago, a lively jazz and blues mix, the gravely toned Californian will have you tapping and nodding right from the get go.

Waits goes back to his own style of rock on Satisfied and gives us the jazzy ballads we’ve become accustomed to on Talking at the Same Time and Kiss Me.

But there is still some experimentation left in the old dog yet. Hell Broke Luce is a Tom Waits version of Metal and proof that he is still toying with all types of genres.

It’s been a long seven year wait for a Waits’ album, but this effortless offering has been well worth the wait. Let’s just hope it is not the last.