TikToks heartbreak queen Mimi Webb is undoubtedly on fire as she embarks on her Seven Shades Of Heartbreak tour

Posted on 19 February 2022
By Shannon Garner
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Mimi Webb is proof that social media can pretty much change your life. In true Gen Z fashion, the breakout star blew up on TikTok during the pandemic with her rather amazing pop ballads about love and loss as well as landing herself on the BBC Sound of 2022 shortlist. Pretty impressive, right?

The 21-year-old, originally from Canterbury, has recently embarked on her biggest tour to date which sold out when it went on sale in September, and if tonight’s show is anything to go by, the future superstar in the making won’t be playing venues of this size for much longer.

With her name lit up in neon lights, Webb takes to the stage in Liverpool’s O2 Academy with confidence and proves she was born to be a performer. Her voice, a strong and husky alto-soprano, is magnetic and one of true star potential; as she paces the stage throwing her arms in the air, her energy is truly undefeated for someone who is singing songs about heartbreak.

Opening with the intimate track ‘24/5’, the handclaps fuel the momentum of the performance as her voice soars on the hook and sets the tone for the rest of the night. She races through her forty-five minute set with a string of fan favourites that TikTok paved the way for such as ‘I’ll Break My Heart Again’, ‘Reasons’, and ‘Before I Go’.

The encore, consisting of ‘Good Without’ and new song ‘House on Fire’, is the perfect close. ‘House on Fire’ literally fires up the venue as Webb sweetly threatens revenge upon a cheater while ‘Good Without’, the weepy viral sensation that put her on the map, is executed flawlessly and brings the show to a calming close.

Her dynamic vocals lean into sassy verses in ‘House on Fire’ that has fans going wild and screaming back every lyric despite the song having only just been released. Talk about extreme fan dedication.

Mimi Webb’s ability to transform her own heartbreak into relatable lyrics is continuously captured in her performances. She turns up the volume on every emotion with skyscraping runs and open-hearted honesty, and with her fanbase ever-growing, she is destined to become a household name. Someone might have to tell Taylor Swift to move aside a bit because there’s another queen of break-up songs on the rise.