The Temps @ O2 Academy

Posted on 6 July 2010
By Kraig Heymans
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Having heard the Temps recorded work via Myspace, you could be forgiven for thinking they were a band that are still riding a precedent set by the Horrors, one of skinny jeans, shock value and Rowland S. Howard guitars. But live, the Temps became a wholly new beast of its own volition, the sight of an audience unleashing something inside them that was angry, primal and raw.

Playing their own brand of loud, brash, high energy punk, The Temps came on to a rapturous applause at their headline gig at the O2 academy, and it was clear to see from the start that these four boys were going to give a hugely energetic and blistering performance.

To say the Temps owed something to the Horrors after seeing them live would be not only wrong, but completely stupid.

Their influences are as rooted in the thrash metal of Slayer and Megadeth more so than the standard indie fare of Talking Heads and Blondie, and the band played with according metal attitude, wrecking the stage and completely involving the audience, giving the gig a D.I.Y. feel.

The Temps have variously been described as the best band in Liverpool at the moment, by garage rock aficionados Band of Skulls amongst others, and it’s understandable to see why.

The Temps treat their gigs like a house party, always accommodating or ready to up the ante if the pace slows somewhat, and in many ways it’s breathtaking to see four young men cultivating an intense sound out of their own boundless sense of energy.

After supporting the Fall live last month, the Temps appear to have upped their own high standards on their music, and their headline gig at the O2 showed a band with true promise, grit and potential, playing on their own terms, to their own fans, their own way.

The Temps will surely become one of Liverpool’s biggest acts in the months to come, with an energy and zeal that is truly infectious, check them out.

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