The Griswolds’ Be Impressive: a musical party

Posted on 22 May 2015
By Khyle Deen
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As soon as I hit play on this album, I knew I’d be in for a treat, this album is what can only be described as a musical party.

Be Impressive, the debut album from Australian indie pop group The Griswolds, is something to be heard, perfect album for in the car, relaxing after a long day, anytime.

The opening song is entitled 16 Years, it sounds like something right out of the 1980s, yet it’s strong enough to blend brilliantly with 2015. The song was featured on EA Sports’ Fifa 15 so you know that it’s going to get you moving in one way or another.

The title track Be Impressive features kids shouting/singing from the start, from then on, like the rest of the songs, it’s a musical party, only way to describe it.

Around halfway through the album, the tracks do get more chilled, but they still have a great edge to them.

The Griswolds have been compared to Vampire Weekend, if they keep churning out songs like those on Be Impressive, they’ve got a great career ahead of them.

So if you enjoy some great music, dancing, or even dancing to great music, this album is highly recommended.

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PR Rating: ****