The Charlatans My Foolish Pride single review

Posted on 21 September 2010
By Dave Adair
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Sometimes as a band it is your inadvertent decisions that define you. With the Madchester mainstays, The Charlatans, the choice of sauntering, lush indie rattle of new single My Foolish Pride.

It serves as a personal and intimately reflective number, and is also a wider ranging shot at the growing hostilities in the world.

It is the way that the song can be seen as a celebration of the contribution of the pulsing and deft percussion Jon Brookes, who, right from the off instils a sturdy toe-tapping combo, setting a sprightly tone.

Given that this founding member recently collapsed on stage in Philadelphia, just as The Charlatans were re-affirming their reputation in America, as an evergreen and ranging indie act. It is a timely reminder of Brooke’s value to the band, as a robust and steady drummer.

This sauntering pop sprinkled single shows up the resilience and versatility of this longstanding Madchester surviving outfit.

It’s just a shame that it often takes an unfortunate occurrence for you to fully appreciate the contribution someone in a band. Of course, Tim Burgess is sincere and clear in his vocal delivery, as always, but he won’t mind taking a backseat in this song.

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