The Bohos first headline gig at Liverpool’s Zanzibar

Posted on 6 January 2017
By Gabriel Jaloszynski
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The Bohos, new independent band from Liverpool aiming to become the next big thing on the horizon, sold out their first headline gig at Liverpool’s Rock and Alternative Zanzibar Club leaving the audience hypnotised and itching for more.

The fusion of modern indie sound mixed with old school grunge made for energetic and fulfilling experience that could give many mainstream artists a run for their money, with surprisingly good sound quality for a small venue.

Although the performance could be described as visually basic, it could also be argued that this played to their favour, showing off youthful carelessness that emphasised the causal but relatable message behind band’s lyrics which resonates with the minimalist movement that is becoming more and more mainstream as years go on.

Their bohemian sound fits right into the young Bold Street culture which made up the majority of the crowd, allowing the audience to develop a personal bond with the band during its short but satisfying set of six songs.

Constant intensive interaction with the crowd only helped to maintain individualistic atmosphere, making their fans a significant force that drove the performance forward creating a bond and a sense of solidarity between the band members and the audience.

The band was supported by three other local bands, SPINN, Samurai Kip and The Kulak which all provided a diverse selection of acts that created a sense of adventure, travelling and exploring the local music scene, diversifying the overall experience.

Although the Bohos are relatively new on the local scene, they already managed to provide support for the recent performance of ‘Cast’ at Liverpool o2 Academy alongside Australian indie formation ‘The Hummingbirds’.

The Bohos will play another headline event in Zanzibar on the 27th of January which will include the official release of their debut single ‘Monday Mornings’ that is planned to be released on multiple music platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud.