The Blackout rock out – O2 Academy Liverpool review

Posted on 1 April 2011
By Ash Williams
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Welsh rockers The Blackout stepped out onto the smokey stage of the O2 Academy after promising their fans on Twitter a confusing cacophony of… ‘carnage, riffs, beauty, the beast and sweet!’

The first song Ambition Is Critical engaged the crowd, ready for the ride. But second song Children saw singer Sean Smith launche into the barriers, to sing along with the front row fans, calling for the rest of the crowd to join in the jump off.

The set took the energy up a gear with The Fire, High Tide, Said and Done with a full on head-banging fest.

Followed with new track called Hope – title song of the new album, out on April, 4. A quick shout out from Sean about the motivation of the song “It’s about people constantly putting you down. There are people who say you cant do something, You can’t sing, you can’t play football, but don’t believe them. Do whatever you want to do.”

The Blackout leave the stage to massive encore cries and after a quick breather and a swig of beer they re-emerge to send the crowd into raptures with Higher and Higher.

Last shout out by the frontman of ‘who’s going to the after-party?’ was met with a mixed reaction and was quickly followed with last song S.O.S.

A truly top quality show with the audience trudging out with evidence of tired bodies, but most importantly huge Cheshire Cat smiles and memories to rock out to for a long time to come.

Photography by Joe Speak