The Absurd Festival @ The Theatre Clwyd review

Posted on 8 November 2010
By Ross Edwards and Karl Jones
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After almost three years of organising events around North Wales, The Absurd finally held an event worthy of their intentions.

Aimed at creating a festival to showcase the very best of musical, artistic and creative talent in Wales, if ever the word eclectic was to be used to describe an event it was never so fitting as last night.

Kicking off at four in the afternoon and hosted at the exceptional Theatre Clwyd in North Wales The Absurd festival offered a place to wander, take in the diverse exhibitions and mix with the local appreciative and rapt audience.

Set over three different rooms the event was soon in full flow after doors opening.

The intimate room upstairs hosted poetry by bi-lingual’s Rhys Trimble and Childe Roland as the main stage hosted the bands and the side stage presenting musical performances from DJ sets to musical impresario’s playing instruments that looked like something from a mad professor’s technology lab.

It was easy to become transfixed by the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. The infectious poet/musician Stephanie Finegan provided laughs and light hearted tunes that were fully appreciated by the crowd in the intimate side room.

Ever the performer she kept the small gathering fully involved through banter and strange often obscure anecdotes. On the main stage Yucatan performed a set that lived up to their reputation, a band described by Radio 1’s Huw Stevens as ‘epic and lovely’. Not disappointing tonight, their set was tight, brash and provided much needed melody and spirit.

Mother Of Six took to the main stage next and provided us with the guitar riffs and heavy sound of the night, the crowd were by now getting warmed up and loosening their reserve.

The night drew on and the charm of the main stage was provided by Spencer Mcgarry Season, with their jazz infused, warm, catchy show case.

Next up were Cyrion, a two piece Electro band that really worked the crowd and saw the biggest reception of the night so far.

The crowd by now were grooving to the hypnotic electric dance set by two musicians who clearly have a great future. Decks and synths provided by Rhodri Owen and the smooth rhythmic percussions of Theston Jones had the crowd in raptures and full appreciation.

Gallops provided the final act on the main stage and managed to bring the crowd further in with their experimental instrumental sound that showed us just why they were playing Wakestock, Leeds/Reading and Radio 1’s big weekend only this summer.

Their live music is an experience comparable to none or very few these days, with heavy sounds, clear beats and catchy tunes that would be just as easy to mosh, dance, groove or jump to at any one time.

Let’s hope this excellent show casing of young, diverse and creative talent continues. The Absurd have the insight and intentions to continue and build on last night, to make something special, to bring in the masses and create an avenue for art, music and poetry that can stand alone in its virtue and drag people from their sofa’s and reality TV.