Steve Hackett: Acolyte to Wolf Light Tour, Salford

Posted on 26 October 2015
By Chris High
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A night filled with mysticism, magical musicianship and meaningful meanders down Memory Lane, former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett delivered the lot at the splendid Lowry Theatre in Salford – having already conquered the audience at The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall two days earlier – with a master class in how to mount the spectacular with understated grace.

Here is a man who has the lot; composer, vocalist and – above all – such a skilled instrumentalist that many of his peers and contemporaries can only dream of being. From the opening strains from his amazing new album, Wolflight – which so resembles something befitting any episode of A Game of Thrones in its surrealist atmosphere – to the superb Genesis monoliths of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Cinema Show, Hackett displayed that his remains a talent that still has the ability to ignite passions seldom witnessed, whilst at the same time remaining as engaging, laid back and humble as ever all these years on.

He looked as though he was loving being on stage, doing what he does best, which in turn showed in all that he did so that the term “in the zone” became a whole different entity all together.

But of course it wasn’t simply Hackett who made this magnificent venue come alive, but also those on stage with him. Rob Townsend on just about everything wind and keys, Roger King, Roine Stolt, Gary O’Toole and the truly fantastic Nad Sylvan, who took the intricacies of Peter Gabriel’s vocals, especially during The Musical Box with which Sylvan truly excels and made his own with such aplomb it was though the man himself had joined his former cohort in Salford, just for old times sake.

Who can argue with a set list that blends the power of Get ‘em Out by Friday with the sweeping majesty of Star of Sirius, the upbeat sentiments of Every Day and the sheer energy and borderline absurdity of Can-Utility and the Coastliners? Not me, that’s for sure, and nor could any of those packed into this superb auditorium with its crystal clear acoustics, who as a man and woman leapt to their feet in unadulterated awe of the man who had just wowed them for a solid three hours.

Added to this were guest appearances from The Warrington BSL Signing Choir during Loving Sea – which lifted this already emotive track to another level – and Hackett’s brother John that really stood out.

This was Progressive Rock at its absolute zenith, performed by a man who deserves the highest of accolades as one of the genres founding fathers and most astonishing of exponents.
A truly, truly glorious night’s entertainment indeed.

Steve Hackett: Acolyte to Wolflight
The Lowry Theatre, Salford
October 25th, 2015
PR Rating: ***** Magnificent

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