Sound of Guns – St Georges Hall, Liverpool Sound City review

Posted on 22 May 2011
By Richard Lewis
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Striding onto the stage, Sound of Guns waste no time in reaching out to the capacity crowd, singer Andy perched atop his vocal monitor before the first track is finished.

A band whose ambitions will surely only be realized when they get to play venues that are so big they only have ceilings of the retractable variety, the ‘Guns, like that band from LA who share a similar name, have no truck with being aloof, with every track drop-kicked full force into the crowd.

Anthems are dispatched with aplomb, Bullets in the Bloodstream, emerging out of the blizzard of the intro igniting mass pogoing in front of the stage.

Elementary of Youth affords ample room for full-on lung bursting emoting from lead singer Andy, whilst key track Alcatraz, its central riff reminiscent of the Pistols’ Pretty Vacant crossed with early U2 gem I Will Follow provides another high point.

Glancing upwards it doesn’t seem entirely inconceivable Andy would attempt a leap from the top of the speaker stacks to swing from the chandelier above the audiences’ head, given his past history of scaling lighting rigs.

But its fortunate he doesn’t as the expensive light fixtures might have taken a turn for the worse following tonight’s ultra-volume set.

Photos by Marie Hazlewood/Purple Revolver