Snoop Dogg & Mike Baggz Running (feat. Maine) review

Posted on 23 November 2016
By Ollie Rankine
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Since his 2013 reggae reincarnation, Snoop Dogg’s outlook has felt blurred and somewhat unsure of itself. The transition from the gangsta pop days of ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ to the eventual birth of Snoop Lion received mixed reactions from fans; some applauding the fearless stylistic shift whilst others struggled to get on board with the hype.

Unhappy with his intended direction, the hip-hop heavyweight soon ditched his lion persona and reverted back to the days of the dog. Despite leaving his reggae endeavours far behind him, his attempts to reconnect with his roots dragged a little longer than many expected.

It wasn’t until the release this year’s Coolaid that fans were triumphantly reintroduced to the genre Snoop originally helped pioneer. Having finally decided to fall back on his technical rapping ability, the old Snoop returned with his first legitimate hip-hop record since 2011’s Doggumentary.

His new single with Long Island’s Mike Baggz suggests his love affair with hip-hop is yet to run its course. The song, which is titled ‘Running’, offers a modern interpretation of old school hook arrangements. The track’s flow is smooth but ultimately let down but the lack of substance within the lyrics.

It’s purely the strange infatuation rap artists have with overstating their gangster demeanour. Everything from boasting about being “too slick” to then referencing Miley Cyrus’ twerking habit; two traits that are both relentlessly overused and frankly exhausting to listen to in practice.

Baggz’s involvement breaks up the track well but isn’t enough to draw attention away from its often vacuous nature.

Ignoring the negatives, it feels like Snoop Dogg is beginning to sink back in his comfort zone. ‘Running’s’ west coast flavour is a clear indication that his future is set on revisiting his past. Despite the quality not quite reaching the standard of previous ventures, his fans will no doubt be rejoicing in the knowledge that the old Snoop is back and ready for business.

PR rating: 2/5