Snoop Dogg Boom – UK tour hits Birmingham review

Posted on 17 May 2011
By Pierce King
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The pungent smell of weed was enough to send minds racing back to 1993, as endo smoke filled the atmosphere and green clouds morphed in the mix with Doggysytle tunes from the DJ.

Projectors played fuzzy VHS footage spliced with Scarface clips, as if the crowd were in any doubt of Snoop’s OG status.

The audience’s waiting gaze was burning a hole in the backdrop of a big blue Crip throne above elevated decks as the DJ asked whether they were ready for the hip hop icon.

Snoop burst onto the stage with two big burly bodyguards, suited and booted, who stood mean mugging, and as a deterrent for over excited fans in the intimate HMV Institute in Birmingham.

An explosive start blew the smokers in the front row back 10 paces, before they regained their footing. mixed Tha Shiznit seamlessly into a cover of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P.

Snoop had a trio of badass bitch backing dancers with an ever diminishing wardrobe, starting with comedy early 90s adidas tracksuits, then an array of sexy lingerie and came on with fat cigars to encourage people to ‘Put It In The Air.’

The Doggfather’s look was a picture of laidback cool in a white tee-shirt, with a solitary gangster turquoise earring and uber blinging mic handle spelling his name in diamonds.

He dazzled the crowd with a pitch perfect rendition of Gin and Juice before bringing out his bevvy of beauties and dedicating his track with Akon I Wanna Love You to all the beautiful ladies.

The trio of scantily clad dancers gyrated around Snoop as he sat majestically in a chair and the audience worshipped his G Funk.

The seasoned pro is a master at rocking the crowd and brought everyone together with tributes to 2Pac, performing Hail Mary, 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted and Notorious B.I.G’s Hypnotize.

Quickly followed by a moment’s silence for G Funk legend and the voice of so many unforgettable hooks, Nate Dogg. The performance of Ain’t No Fun was Purple Revolver’s favourite and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Snoop showed he is a sharp hustler by not playing out too many new tunes, but did bounce into his club hit Wet, with David Guetta, and the backing dancers providing their most steamy performance of the night.

The Doggystyle legend took time out to joke with the crowd, taking off his shades, revealing he’d had his eye on one fan who was clutching his girlfriend close so he could zone in on the dancers but didn’t single him out.

Before launching into Sensual Seduction, which even had the venue stewards in the front row singing along and bobbing their heads.

For a finale he pulled Who Am I (What’s My Name?) out the bag and told the crowd he ‘liked how they sang’ his name, but wanted them to say it more like ‘SnoooooooooOOOOP!’ from Drop It Like It’s Hot.

Snoop had the crowd begging for more and no doubt they will be checking out his new album Doggumentary – this is a master of the game making a true return to form and we urge you to see him live.

Snoop plays Liverpool O2 Academy on Wednesday and Lovebox in London in July.
Doggumentary is out now on EMI

Photos by Conor McDonnell