Single review: Slash – By The Sword

Posted on 9 March 2010
By Will Weir
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If you were expecting Floppsy to pop out of that weathered old top hat then you’d be in for a shock as the iconic shadow of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s riff-meister general Slash returns, looming out over your world.

The premiere offering from Slash’s imminent self titled release, By The Sword features the haunting, timeless vocal stylings of Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale and sees the leather chapped …erm… chap taking a more mature and personal path, which exudes style straight from the back alleys of the blues.

To the traditionalists we say fear not! For all those heavy grooves and electric licks are still most definitely present and accounted for!

If By The Sword is anything to go by then Slash is definitely set to be one of the rock fan albums to own for 2010.

Single released on 28th March
Download Album to follow April 5th and 7th [special edition]
CD Album May 10th