Single Review: Fun – Walk The Dog / Be Calm (double a-side)

Posted on 30 March 2010
By James Walker
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If you are actually walking the dog and the debut single from New York three-piece Fun comes to mind – then you probably had too much sugar as a child . . .

. . . unless of course it’s simply this reviewer not taking into account the Fun factor, which could mean Walking The Dog refers to the elusive yoyo trick that never seemed to quite come off good.

The music is punchy and poppy and to be honest surprisingly well accomplished for a band that calls itself by such a lighthearted name.

The double A-side Be Calm sets a much more romantic teen tragedy tone. Again this is very interesting … for a short while.

On the whole the brilliance of the musicianship is overshadowed by the difficulty to remain listening without vomiting.

If your into the sweet sounds of Teen Rom-Coms or anything sugary in general then you’ll probably love this and it does offer a more complex musical approach than its contemporaries, so is worth a listen.