Single Review: Creed – Rain

Posted on 4 March 2010
By Danny Keightley
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It’s easy to pour scorn on Creed, especially considering vocalist Scott Stapp’s claim that the band he inexcusibly destroyed due to alcoholism, drugs, and general idiocy was going to be releasing a new record in 2009. He named it their ‘rebirth.’ The album was to be named ‘Full Circle.’

What we have here is Creed’s second single, ‘Rain’, and it’s…kinda awful. It’s taken from a list of Class A cliches from Full Circle’s tracklisting, ‘time’, ‘overcome’, ‘suddenly’, ‘fear’, yawn. If Creed want to ever achieve some kind of longevity, they’re gonna need to move past this decade-old, meaningless. acoustic-rock balladry.

Creed were never controversial, nor anything remarkably special in 2001, when they released the critically acclaimed ‘Weathered’, at least their former members (bar Scott) formed the mildly interesting Alter Bridge shortly after Creed’s disbandment in 2002. Guitarist, Mark Tremonti, arguably the pushing power in Creed’s post-grunge, pseudo Christian anthem-rock was always drowned out by Stapp’s Vedder-esque wailings. Nothing’s really changed.

‘I feel like it’s gonna rain like this for days, so let it rain down and wash everything away.’

Let’s hope the rain does us a favour and washes you off the rock scene for good.