Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors bring the feel good factor to Huddersfield

Posted on 16 March 2018
By Frank Ralph
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There’s absolutely no ego or rock star schtick when it comes to a Ryan Hamilton show.

Within moments of him taking the stage with his band The Traitors he was heckled from the crowd about his resemblance to Canadian goddess Alanis Morrisette and it was also around that time he realised at least one of the Traitors had lived up to their name by replacing his set list with a specially written list of obscenities instead of song titles – and it was only the first night of the tour… god knows what they’ll get up to on the rest of the Young, Dumb and full of Rum dates.

This however was purely ‘in jokes’ and banter between fans and musicians who are more part of an inclusive community than anything else – and it made for a great atmosphere and truly enjoyable evening.

Musically they were billed as power pop but it was all about the kind of feel good American rock and roll that leaves you with earworms for days and days. The chorus to Gulf of Mexico will be harder to get rid of than that flu bug that’s been going around!

The 13-song set seemed to go by so quickly, clocking in at around an hour or so. That was a sign of how enjoyable it was, after all, time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it.

The band were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd, and as the likes of Medicine, Karaoke With No Crowd and latest single I’m so Glad burst from the stage the smiles all around The Parish were bright and cheerful. Ode to the Idiots felt cathartic with its shouty call to arms against the Internet bullies of the world.

The only thing that could have made it even better than it was (and this is coming from a long time Black Crowes fan) would have been to hear some of the songs turned into extended jams – something the band would be easily capable of as talented as they are.

Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors are pure Tom Petty drenched feel good music and you really should go and see them for yourself. There is also an album with West Yorkshire’s finest Tony Wright that is almost set to go, so hopefully there will be a tour to support that too.

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