Review: This City – We Were Like Sharks

Posted on 2 November 2009
By Amy Roberts
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Maybe I’m getting old, but listening to ‘We Were Like Sharks’ by This City inspired the sort of agonized facial expression usually reserved for Monday morning office-delay syndrome, with which you re-enter the office enviroment only to discover all the work you decided to avoid in favour of an early start to the weekend.

Haven’t I already done all this shit? You wonder to yourself. In short, no. Let the drudgery commence.

This City sound remarkably like a million other bands who sound remarkably like a couple of other famously influential bands, namely At The Drive In who were fucking amazing once upon a time but have been rendered unlistenable over the years due to the shameless raping and pillaging of the ATDI back catalogue by bands just like This City who don’t seem able to develop their influences into an individual and identifiable sound.

As an intro album for the musically inexperienced 12 year old, this may be a great set of starter wheels, but to anyone whose investigated music past the NME’s cool list and Kerrang’s centre-fold poster galleries, this won’t be of any remote interest.

The lyrics, too, sound like something that even a band like AFI would cringe at, and again are sung with that phony American dialect that has no bloody place in a band who’re very clearly not American (cue some angry retaliation comments implying that they’re actually from Detroit or some shit, and that I’m actually an idiot and a mean one at that).

Unimaginative and overdone to shit already. If you’re still in the business of buying CDs, this might be one to file under ‘In case of zombie invasion, throw like frisbee, aim for brain.’