Review: The Stone Roses in Halifax

Posted on 9 June 2016
By Frank Ralph
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The Stone Roses in Halifax were 5 words probably nobody ever expected to hear, but it happened and it was incredible. It’s once in a lifetime you get to see a band as massive as the Stone Roses in a venue the size of Halifax’s Victoria Theatre and it made for a euphoric night for everyone.

From the moment the show was announced on Saturday there had been a buzz around the town leading up to Tuesday nights show and the feeling inside the venue before the band took to the stage was one of pure excitement.

They received heroes welcomes, obviously, and when they launched straight into I Wanna be Adored they lit the blue touch paper and set the whole venue off for what was to be (currently) the best show of the year, anywhere.

The crowd were there for a party and they got one. The 1500 lucky people that managed to get tickets were all up for it and were in full voice all night, singing every single word back to the band. It was a wonderful thing to experience.

For anyone who might have been concerned about Ian’s voice they had absolutely nothing to worry about. He sounded great all night, bar a couple of slightly off key moments later on in the set, which the crowd covered anyway. Mani, Reni and John Squire sounded exquisite all night locking into other worldly grooves and eclectic rhythms.

The 14-song swagger laden set list was a thing of beauty packed with a run of songs that would make any grown man weak at the knees.

Imagine hearing Waterfall, Fools Gold, Love Spreads, She Bangs the Drums, This Is The One and Breaking into Heaven one after another! Throw in the first live airing of new track All For One, which already sounded like an old crowd favourite and then top it off with an immaculate version of I Am The Resurrection and you have the stuff of legend right there.

That is exactly the word to describe the show. Legendary. It felt like Shane Meadows was filming a live episode of This Is Halifax.

Considering that this was a warm up show for the bigger venues later in the month they already seemed to be on top form and anyone going to the stadium shows later in the month they are guaranteed to have a great time.

There are bound to be some sore throats and banging heads in Halifax following this gig but it is certain to be talked about for a long time to come.

The Stone Roses are BACK!