Review: The Slow Readers Club’s Cavalcade

Posted on 31 December 2015
By Caroline-Alexandria Moore
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Manchester based band, The Slow Readers Club, have bulldozed their way onto the indie techno scene with their 2nd album Cavalcade.

With an impressive 28.4 thousand Twitter followers and having been featured on BBC6 music among many others, these guys are clearly a band to watch out for.

Their latest single Plant The Seed delves you into a harmonious adventure in which you can’t help but let your imagination run wild! The mix of modern day indie mixed with a somewhat 80s techno vibe is simply awesome.

Yes, there is a repetitous element to this song, however the lyrics are literally bewitching. Despite the somewhat serious message of planting the seed hope and new beginnings, it somehow manages you relax you. Thus adding to their gaining reputation as one of the most alluring and talented indie bands on the scene at the moment.

With the stark vocals of keyboardist Aaron Starkie and guitarist Kurtis Starkie, the punchy bass of James Ryan and that dirty indie drumming of David Whitworth, Plant The Seed is somewhat reminiscent of The Killers’ Sawdust album.

The way they feature those 80s style techno beats seamlessly gliding alongside the smooth lyrics and textures of the bassline match the Mancunians on par with the American indie gods.The song, and even the album as a whole, seem to work due to the fact it’s extremely accessible as a modern day pop. Not only that, but it is seriously adaptable.

It works in every situation whether that be driving to work, working out, pre drinks before a messy night out, or even crying after a fight with your fella. There’s something for everyone and every situation.

Cavalcade is available for purchase on iTunes. For any news, merchandise or upcoming gigs for The Slow Readers Club please visit one of the links below.